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Products Developed
to Perform and
Look Great

Alura Woodgrain Products are designed by trade professionals to achieve installation performance on your building.

Order your own sample without picking up the phone.

Product Docs


Alura Woodgrain Panel

Choose from a curated list of profiles, widths, lengths, and colours.

Alura Woodgrain Soffit Panel

Choose from variety of perforated soffit profiles, widths, lengths, and colours.

Alura Woodgrain Flashings & Trims

Flashings and trims to complete your design.

Alura Woodgrain
Wall Accessories

Louvers, Signage, Awnings Sunshades, and much more.

Custom Options available.

Alura Woodgrain Accessories

Screws, washers, colour match silicone & caulking, spray paint, and paint pens.

Rain Screen Accessories

Thermal Break Clips and Sub-Girts.

CAD Details

If you require CAD Technical Details, please contact us.



You've done your homework and you're ready to take the next step and specify Alura Woodgrain Products. 

NE Elev Dusk.jpg

Why Alura Woodgrain
Architectural Metal Products?

The Sustainable Choice

Crafted with 5% pre-consumer and 15-20% post-consumer recycled steel, Alura Woodgrain products are sustainable and help you reduce your environmental impact. Plus, they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, allowing you to divert waste from landfills.

Simple Specification


As a group of industry experts, the Alura Woodgrain team understands that technical information is important to architects. We've made it easy for you to access that information through a catalogue of technical documents.

Easy to Install

Alura Woodgrain Products have been designed for installers by installers. The straight-forward product design allows cladding and siding installers to move along a wall with ease.

Experts in Architectural Metals

Our team are experts in the design, manufacturing and install of architectural metal and cladding products. They also have knowledge in rain screens, waterproofing solutions and building envelopes, and are available to help you in any of these areas - just reach out.

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