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Our company is committed to working towards a sustainable future. As a result, we at Alura Woodgrain have a long-term approach and strategy when it comes to our environmental policy. By continuously improving our way of thinking and working, we can minimize our footprint and help create long-lasting products and projects.

Future Focused 

Product Life Cycle

Crafted with 5% pre-consumer and 15-20% post-consumer recycled steel, Alura Woodgrain products are sustainable and help you reduce your environmental impact. Plus, they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, allowing you to divert waste from landfills.

Sustainable Features

In addition to the recyclability, Alura Woodgrain products have a Kynar PVDF paint which helps to achieve solar reflectance of over 70%. This minimizes the heat island effect put out into the atmosphere and can be useful when seeking LEED Certification.

Labour Practices

The Alura Woodgrain team views sustainability holistically including sustainable business practices like paying our team livable, competitive wages accompanied by robust compensation packages including Health Benefits, Retirement Savings Plans, and Wellness Spending Accounts. 

Manufacturing Facility

Alura Woodgrain is manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in a COR Certified safe, clean, and brightly lit facility using lean manufacturing practices.


Environmental Policy

Alura Woodgrain shall strive to be a leading environmentally friendly company. We shall conduct our business in a manner that ensures we provide safe products that are compatible with the environmental and economic need of the products, personnel, customer, and world at large. 

Alura Woodgrain is committed to continuous efforts to improve its environmental impact throughout its operations and product lifecycle by setting and following up on proactive targets.

Alura Woodgrain is dedicated to ensuring all activities with an environmental component are undertaken with the least possible environmental impact and in an environmentally sustainable manner to conserve, protect and improve the environment, as reasonably practicable.

Alura Woodgrain maintains the integrity of the environment that surrounds us by:

  • Developing systems to incorporate the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover;

  • Developing systems to ensure continuous improvement of the current program;

  • Disposing of waste material by using appropriate procedures that have the least impact on the environment and are dealt with in a sustainable manner;

  • Protection of materials and equipment to prevent damage;

  • Preventative maintenance on equipment to help reduce emissions;

  • Operational effectiveness to reduce the waste of raw materials, energy and supplies;

  • Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental matters;

  • Work with suppliers and contractors who have similar environmental standards;

  • Assist customers to use Alura Woodgrain products and services in an environmentally sensitive way;

  • Participate in discussions about environmental issues;

  • Recycling of material whenever possible and purchasing materials and resources that come from renewable sources;

  • Practice economical packaging to reduce waste;

  • Use energy efficient measures when possible;

  • Respecting wildlife and natural habitats;

  • Anticipating and adapting to environmental conservation efforts;

  • Enforcing Alura Woodgrain's Environmental and Waste Policy and providing disciplinary action for violations;

  • Protection to the public.


Alura Woodgrain maintains compliance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Law always, under all circumstance.

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