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The Allure of Natural Wood with the Strength of Steel

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Our Products and Services

As trade experts in design, manufacturing, construction management and installation, the Alura Woodgrain team has the ability to help architects and contractors understand the entire cladding category. 

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Alura Woodgrain Architectural Metal Products are designed and manufactured in Canada using equitable and fair labour practices, and lean manufacturing.


The robust yet uncomplicated design of Alura Woodgrain products means reduced product and labour costs, accelerated installation speed, and a beautifully finished project.


Made from metal, Alura Woodgrain products are incredibly durable—they won’t corrode, crack, warp, split or rot. Termites and rodents can’t eat through them, and fire and lightning won’t ignite them. Their strong steel structure ensures they last for decades to come.

Why You Should Specify?

Sustainable and Recyclable 

As a company that is future focused, we value our planet and the people on it.


Safe and Reliable

Alura Woodgrain products are made from tried and true architectural steel with a PVDF Kynar coating. 

Great Savings and 
Return On Investment

Alura Woodgrain Architectural Products were designed by IMARK Architectural Metals' team of manufacturing and cladding trade professionals with form and function in mind. We wanted to create a product that would allow installers to accelerate performance by avoiding unnecessary extra steps in the install process.



ALURA PANEL – Wood Comforts of the Past Ring True in Modern and Contemporary Designs of Tomorrow

Top Woodgrain Metal Panel Applications

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